Filmography of Bjornsson Greene


Halbwaisen - Shortfilm by
Benedikt Roth

Supported the different parts of the film with their respective tensions. It was a pleasure to work with bene and his ideas. 


Don't listen to them - Horror Shortfilm by
Micky Graeter

Done in 2019 during the Cov19-Pandemic by Micky Greater. Together with Andre Kacze I created parts of the score and the SFX.


Product film for SONY Germany & GAHRENS + BATTERMANN

A presentation for the newest OLED Panels by Sony. A dynamic, high-quality sound exactly matching the new premium LED was requested. 


Corporate image film for GAHRENS + BATTERMANN

An emotional, heroic and positive score was requested. A good collaboration with the director and writers of this short image film delivered this outcome.